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STARS Rescue is in need of foster homes! Click the "Foster" button to learn more!

Of course, one of the best ways to help is to adopt a pet from us! Click the "Adopt" button to see a listing of some of our available animals.

Donations can be made through our "Donate" buttons, in person at our adoption events and Thrift Store, or by mail.

We take Monetary donations as well as animal items.

Our thrift store is open to take your donations for the animals and items to sell in our thrift store. Don't have anything to donate? Come Shop!

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We Need YOUR Help!

  ****Update on our NEW $5,000 Match Challenge. $1650 has been raised so far!

A huge Thank you from all of us at Stars No Kill Rescue, we would like to give another special thank you to @DaveFisher, the owner of Fisher Gas Company in Faith, SD. (We were authorized to post the check by the donor). This wonderful donation is to help get our cat building started with the electrical it needs. Then, we will be putting in windows, doors, insulation, flooring, and an enclosed outside patio for them to enjoy. Once again, a Huge thanks to Dave Fisher for this $2,000 Match Challenge donation.

******* Now for more great news!!!!!!!!!!*****

Thanks to Fisher Gas for doing their match challenge, we have a new $5,000 Match Challenge thanks to an anonymous donor!!!!! This is so wonderful for us in so many ways. This $5,000 match challenge will count all monetary donations and any items donated to the rescue!

 We need prayers, sponsors, and a lot of supplies for these new rescues.

Any time we take in cats and kittens, we need all of the following:

  • Negative tests for Feline Leukemia and FIV
  • Funds to cover Veterinary costs
  • IAMS or Purina One kitten/cat food
  • KMR kitten formula
  • Wet cat food
  • NEW toys
  • Horse Bedding Pellets (we use these in place of litter as it better keeps down the smell and makes less mess.)
  • Fosters

This rescue of 12 cats and kittens will cost us well over $1,000 and then cost $45-85 for each of them to be fixed when of age. We do not receive any vouchers for our cats or Kittens we rescue, we pay out of our own pockets. This adds up very fast. We need your help, please.  

After a very generous donation of tin, we have been able to complete a 6 foot privacy fence on the front of the rescue. We would like to be able to have the rescue fully fenced this way and are looking for donations. 

Please, if you have any color of tin laying around or have tin on your house, work or garage you are replacing do to hail damage, please please please call us and Scott and I will come and get it. We are only a quarter of the way finished with the tin to help the rescue.

Thank you and please call or text Michelle Brock for tin pick up at (605)515-3364. 


STARS Rescue is in need of fosters!
What do we mean by fostering?
Dog fostering is when you take in a dog from our rescue to provide it with a loving home until they get adopted. By fostering, YOU are saving more lives by opening up a place at the rescue to take in more dogs while also getting your new foster dog into a home environment to prepare them for their forever home.
What are the requirements to foster a dog?
*Must have a fenced in yard
*Have a safe space available for the dog. An example is an appropriately sized kennel or room where the dog can freely go in and out of as they choose.
*Be okay with meet and greets with potential adopters
*Do light training with your foster dog like potty training as needed, leash training, and teaching them how to be loved. -Our rescue has a dog trainer available at all times for our fosters to ask questions as needed.
What are the costs that come with fostering a dog?
There are no costs that come with fostering. The rescue pays for everything you will need.
What if the dog I choose to foster doesn’t work out?
We have a trainer available to our fosters who can come work with you and your foster but if it is still not working out the rescue will take the dog back immediately. You can then choose a different dog to foster or take a break from fostering.
What does the process of fostering look like?
You can first pick what dog you wish to foster. There will be an application to fill out and a home check to be done before getting your first foster. After being approved you are free to pick up your foster from the rescue or have it dropped off at your house with supplies you will need. The rescue has adoption events most Saturdays that we like our dogs to participate in, but because of how busy life is, we know this is not always attainable for everyone. So we only ask our fosters to come when they can.
What if I fall in love with my foster and choose to adopt them?
Our fosters always get first pick of their foster dogs and are able to adopt them whenever!
I don’t think I can foster. What if I fall in love with my foster dog and end up with 100 dogs?
In rescue we hear this a lot! However our fosters have told us it is a different feeling and experience when fostering. They say it’s like watching someone else’s dog which makes it easier when they get adopted, plus there’s always another dog needing fostered. So why not try! If you feel like it is becoming too much the rescue will take the dog back right away, we will understand. And if you feel like you need to adopt your foster, we’ll stop you at 99 dogs…maybe.

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