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We Need YOUR Help!

We Need All the Help We Can Get!!!

Our No Kill Rescue is at risk of needing to be closed! Our Vet Bills continue to rise as more and more animals are being left on the side of the road for us and our supporters to find. Our Foster Homes are full. Our Rescue is full. And our board members' homes are full. 

100 for 100

We are looking for 100 Business Sponsors to donate $100 each to our cause so that we can pay off our vet bills and pay our utility bills for the month of June.

Sponsors will have their names shared on our Facebook page as well as our website.

Please share with the businesses you know! And please thank our sponsors by supporting their businesses! Thank You!!!

Businesses who have donated:

  1. Ruff Style Grooming
  2. Payton Trucking
  3. Paw Patch Boarding
  4. Happy Tails Haven Horse Rescue and Sanctuary
  5. Debbie Mallott CENTURY 21 ClearView Realty

Wednesday 5/22, we received a phone call from a cat lover who was driving down the highway and saw random boxes sitting on the road. She pulled over and the boxes were full of abandoned kittens. Upon opening, there was approximate 15 kittens and only one mom. There was no food or water and there we were sitting in their own feces.

Thursday 5/23, Michelle, picked up the kittens and momma and took them to the Vet to be tested for Feline Leukemia and FIV. The adult female cat was positive for Feline leukemia and negative for FIV. This is why we always test our rescue cats before putting them into a foster home or getting adopted. One kitten was tested and was negative, however, this is not definitive until the kittens are 6 months old. These cats can still live a happy life, however, cannot be around healthy cats, and will likely to develop cancer in the future. More information on Feline Leukemia can be found here:

Normally it costs the rescue $150-$300 for each kitten and cat to be rescued. This includes all 3 booster shots, a vet exam, a FIV and Feline Leukemia test, and a microchip. If they are sick, then it costs more for the medication and sometimes the special food.    

Our Vet Bill is currently at $6,300

We are in need of







  Hello everyone!!!

DO YOU WANT $1,000 Cash for fixing your dog or cat????

STARS No Kill Rescue Snip, Snip, Away They Go $1,000 Raffle Program. Giving back to the community is what we love to do. This is to encourage people to get their pets fixed or to Sponsor a STARS Rescue Animal to be fixed or to fix a stray cat!!!!!!

****How it Works***

Get an animal fixed! This can be a dog or cat of your own, a stray cat you trap and have fixed, or by sponsoring one of our rescue animals for $75. Then you will be entered to win $1,000 Cash Raffle no matter where you live in South Dakota. For every animal that you fix , you will have a ticket entered into the raffle. The money for this Snip, Snip Away They Go, Raffle Program is all being donated by a supporter. Huge huge thank you to this supporter.

****What areas can Enter to win this Raffle?****

Any Residents of South Dakota. We want the homeless dogs and cats on all the Reservation to be apart of this program raffle too.

***** When does it start and end?****

This Raffle Program starts from January 1st 2024 to December 31st 2024. $1,000 Cash Winner for the dogs will be live Drawing on January 1, 2025. $1,000 Cash Winner for the cats will be Live Drawing on January 1st 2025. That's a toatl of $2,000 cash being donated by a supporter for YOU to win!

***** How and Where can I Enter?****

If you have an animal fixed between January 1 and December 31 of 2024, simply send in the proof. All entry's to win the $1,000 Cash an be emailed to: Or mailed to STARS 13363 Cheyenne Dr Hot Springs SD 57747. If you live on the Reservation in South Dakota and have had your pet fixed even at a free spay and neuter clinic, you can still be entered!

**** To Donate to the Snip, Snip Away They Go Program****

To sponsor a STARS Rescue animal to be entered into this Snip, Snip Away They Go! Program you can donate online, or mail a donation of $75 into us. Please note on donate its for Snip, Snip.

Click on the link below if you like to pay with Credit Card, Debit Card or pay with Pay Pal.:

Or mail you $75 sponsorship it to:


PO Box 2302


*****Low Cost Vet's and Programs*****

*LFC Vet 605-673-5959 in Custer, SD

*Operation Pets 605-858-2871 in Rapid City, SD

*West River Coalition 605-593-5550 Rapid City, SD (ONLY CATS)

*Salt Creek Vet 307-746-4995 New Castle, Wyoming

*** Our Goal***

This is to help prevent unwanted pets, to help reduce the animal intake at shelters and rescues, to increase better behavior issues, to keep animals healthier and to help pets from roaming. We would love to do this program again next year.

*** We love to have a business sponsor next year's Snip, Snip, Away They Go Program. **

If your business would like to sponsor this program for next year, your business name will be placed on the event flyer and advertised in all posts for the Snip, Snip Away they Go Program; along with being on our website with a link to your website. Please message us to be added for next year.   

Stray Cat Announcement

 So the other day, I received a call from an older lady. She was very upset because she had been taking care of a colony of cats in Philip, South Dakota. She let me know that she was extremely upset because the city was starting to trap the cats and relocate them because of them overpopulation. For many years, she had been feeding, working with these cats to become more friendly, and trapping them to get them fixed when she could afford to. She has rehomed at least 40 cats after getting them fixed. The City of Philip did a post in the paper to let the town know about their efforts. So the lady reached out to STARS to see if we could help. Because of a current lack of funding and space, we would normally redirect to other rescues; however, she told me that she had reached out to other rescues and not yet heard back from them all. After talking with this lady, my heart was crying for her. I could tell she was extremely worried, upset, and frantic. It had to be taken care of as quickly as possible. So I made an area just for these cats to come to STARS No Kill Rescue. I called the local sheriff's department that day to let them know that I'd be willing to help out with the situation. They were very grateful and willing to accept my help trapping the cats, then getting them tested, vaccinated, and fixed. After working the overnight shift at my job, I went to the rescue first to care for the animals, then I drove 2 hours to Philip, South Dakota with several of our traps. We were able to get all but 1 kitten and 1 cat at that time. I left some traps set to hopefully capture the last two overnight.


*NOTE* When trapping cats, please keep in mind that not all cats trapped are wild. A domestic house cat will freak out in a trap. Friendly cats will act crazy when trapped because all they want to do is get out. So please do not misunderstand them as wild.


The best thing to do when trapping feral cats is to test them for feline leukemia and FIV to make sure the colony is not infected. Then get them their vaccines, deworming, examined, and then have them fixed. It is best to return the cat's back to the area they were at if possible.


I understand that a lot of times, people don't like cats. They don't like cats in their yard. They don't want them peeing or poop or getting up on furniture and leaving their hair around. But we live in South Dakota, and this is considered a free-roaming state. So this means any animal is allowed to come into your yard and do whatever they want to do to your yard and property. Because it's a free Roman state. The only animal that is not allowed to come in your yard is a cow, by law they must be in a fenced-in property. So if you don’t want animals in your yard, you can fence it off or set sprinklers that are motion censored.


You are NOT ALLOWESD to trap or shoot an animal if it's not endangering live stock. Trapping is only allowed by the police department, animal control, humane society, or rescues. If someone harms an animal or destroys, it is against the law.


Microchipping and having a collar on your pet is one of the best ways to protect your pet. Once an animal is microchipped, this is considered property. Once the police or any approved agency traps an animal, they are to scan the animal and post it, then hold it for at least 3 days. Each county has different policies.


So if you have a colony of cats, it's best to return them back to where they were after they've been fixed, vaccinated and tested. We understand this doesn't happen a lot of times. Even if at least half the cats go back, this is so much better for the community here is the reason why.


When you remove a feral cat colony, that area will become overwhelmed with mice fast. The mice will move in and move in very quickly. Mice are more of a huge nuisance than a cat will ever be. Mice carry a lot more serious diseases and can make humans sick. Also, the mice will move into underneath your house and find their way into your house. They can squeeze in between the pipes.


Then they will make themselves at home inside your nice cozy home. Mice love to eat wiring in the walls and any bedding. They also can cost thousands of dollars in car problems because they love engine compartments, especially in the winter. They will chew everything they can. Did you know 1 mouse can produce 70 mice in 1 year. Once a mouse is 2 months old, it can get pregnant and have litters up to 10 times a year. That's just one mouse. Plus, the smell from their feces and urine is extremely toxic. this will cost you thousands and thousands of dollars to fix because of the wiring harness. *** FIRST MICE THEN SNAKES***Then, once the mice move in, the snakes will be in shortly after. Because they loved the mice. So once you get rid of feral cats in your area, you're thinking you're getting rid of a problem. You are only creating a huge and bigger problem for the community.


It is always best when you see a stray cat. It's best to go ahead and take a picture of the cat and post it on social media. If nobody claims it within a week or so, go ahead and call your vet to set an appointment to get it fixed. Call your animal control to have them bring you a live trap. Set the trap up the night before. Once trapped, leave the cat in the trap and take it to the vet in the trap. It is never a good idea to try to handle, grab, or pick up a stray cat. You can get seriously injured and sick.


There are several low-cost spay and neuter programs out there. West River coalition is a nonprofit organization that specializes in giving vouchers for stray feral cats and colonies. This is a wonderful organization, and they have helped tremendously to keep the cat population down. Operation. Pets are also another low-cost spay and neuter program. LFC vet in Custer is a low-cost spay neuter vet, and then there is Salt Creek that in Newcastle, they are very reasonable for spay and neuter your pets.Then, once you get the stray cat checked out, tested, vaccinated, and fixed. Please allow a couple of days before returning them to make sure they are ok. Then, return him or her to the place where you trapped the cat. Please, if you do this, it will help so many rescues, humane society’s and unwanted pets.


Next year, 2024, we are hoping to get approved for funds to start being more hands-on with feral cat colonies again. Our mobile trailer we be ready to go to do this and have a safe place for the cats and to be tested, vaccinated, and fixed. Then, we cared for them for a few days after to make sure they will be ok before they are returned. February and March are our goals to start this wonderful program.


So please pray for us with this colony of cats to be negative of FIV and feline leukemia. Several are in need of medication, and 1 has an eye issue. We have an LFC vet coming to do the spay and neuter clinic on Dec 8th. This colony will cost an easy $1,500. That we currently do not have.


So if you can help with $5, please donate on the link below or mail a check to STARS PO Box 2302 Rapid City, SD 57707

I donated most of my check again to the rescue and have not started my Christmas shopping and have only 1 more paycheck to go before Christmas. Please please please help. Thank you

Please remember to can a animal when found.

Thank you, and please share to help educate others.  


STARS Rescue is in need of fosters!
What do we mean by fostering?
Dog fostering is when you take in a dog from our rescue to provide it with a loving home until they get adopted. By fostering, YOU are saving more lives by opening up a place at the rescue to take in more dogs while also getting your new foster dog into a home environment to prepare them for their forever home.
What are the requirements to foster a dog?
*Must have a fenced in yard
*Have a safe space available for the dog. An example is an appropriately sized kennel or room where the dog can freely go in and out of as they choose.
*Be okay with meet and greets with potential adopters
*Do light training with your foster dog like potty training as needed, leash training, and teaching them how to be loved. -Our rescue has a dog trainer available at all times for our fosters to ask questions as needed.
What are the costs that come with fostering a dog?
There are no costs that come with fostering. The rescue pays for everything you will need.
What if the dog I choose to foster doesn’t work out?
We have a trainer available to our fosters who can come work with you and your foster but if it is still not working out the rescue will take the dog back immediately. You can then choose a different dog to foster or take a break from fostering.
What does the process of fostering look like?
You can first pick what dog you wish to foster. There will be an application to fill out and a home check to be done before getting your first foster. After being approved you are free to pick up your foster from the rescue or have it dropped off at your house with supplies you will need. The rescue has adoption events most Saturdays that we like our dogs to participate in, but because of how busy life is, we know this is not always attainable for everyone. So we only ask our fosters to come when they can.
What if I fall in love with my foster and choose to adopt them?
Our fosters always get first pick of their foster dogs and are able to adopt them whenever!
I don’t think I can foster. What if I fall in love with my foster dog and end up with 100 dogs?
In rescue we hear this a lot! However our fosters have told us it is a different feeling and experience when fostering. They say it’s like watching someone else’s dog which makes it easier when they get adopted, plus there’s always another dog needing fostered. So why not try! If you feel like it is becoming too much the rescue will take the dog back right away, we will understand. And if you feel like you need to adopt your foster, we’ll stop you at 99 dogs…maybe.

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