Adoptable Animals

STARS currently has over 100 animals, including cats, dogs, and rabbits. This is not a complete list of our animals. Please contact us to meet all our available animals, and to learn more.We try to keep this page as up to date as we can, but sometimes it isn't possible with our busy schedule.   

Lady Harper

Lady has been through more in her 6 months of life than any animal ever deserves. From breaking her elbow, to being shot twice, she's had her share of troubles. True to her name, though, Lady has come out of it all with grace and confidence. She is a loving, happy dog who gets along well with others, and wants nothing more than to kick back with her people and snuggle the day away. She will need continued care for her mange, but STARS will cover the costs.


Angel appeared on the side of the road one day just as Michelle was driving by. It was as if she knew she would find help there. She was unsure at first, but Michelle won her over with some wet food, and she has done nothing but improve since then. She is a love bug who insists on hugging everyone she meets. She is incredibly smart, so she will need a family with plenty of time to work with her. Angel doesn't have the best house manners yet, so she would be best with children older than 5.

Mama Bear

Mama Bear has been with STARS for almost a year. She is a sweet girl, but it can take some time for her to warm up due to the rough life she's had up to now. Once she gets to know you, though, you will have a lifetime friend. 

Mama would be great for a family with older children who know how to respect boundaries. She has been around cats and does fine, but she would prefer a home without other dogs, or with dogs that can respect her boundaries. She can get up and go on an adventure with you, but she is a couch potato at heart. She loves to be outside in the sun, so she needs a fenced yard. However, she's also happy to be snuggled up in her bed with a busy bone. 


Norman is a 1.5 year old medium sized dog with a big sized heart! He came to STARS with a group of 27 other dogs. He arrived starving, shut down, and scared, but he has grown so much since then. He's now a little gentleman, although there is some room for improvement with his house manners. He gets along well with other dogs, especially Angel, and we believe he would do well with cats due to his friendly disposition. Norman does have some food sensitivities. He seems to have a grain and poultry allergy, and can't stomach Purina food. He currently eats Taste of the Wild, and that works well for him. 

Norman is an old soul in a young pup's body. He loves attention, and can't WAIT for a family of his own! 


Harley is around 7 months old, and should be a medium sized dog once he's grown. Some people can be intimidated by his outgoing personality, but he's just so happy to meet new friends that he can't always contain himself! He does calm down quickly and is learning to improve on his manners.

Harley loves to play in a rough and tumble way, so he'd do best with bigger dogs who can handle the energy he brings. He kennels well, especially if you put The Simpsons on for him to watch. He has had a great start to potty training, and is looking forward to having a fenced yard so he can do his business freely. He LOVES kids! He is a little jumpy, but with some guidance and training, it can be fixed. He is good with cats as well, although he does need reminders that they aren't to be chased. He's a baby at heart who is looking for a family that needs a little extra joy.


Porcupine, or Porky, as we lovingly call her, is much sweeter than her name suggests. She is a 1.5-2 year old dog. She does well with most dogs, but can be a bit dog selective at times, so we are requiring a meet and greet with your dogs before we send her home. As a general rule, she does best with dogs that aren't pushy and won't bully her. She has not been tested with cats yet. She does great with kids who know boundaries, so we are suggesting no children under 5.

Porky is partially blind due to a previous injury, and her appearance can make people wary. She can come off a bit "prickly" at first, but once you spend time with her, she melts into a puddle of love. she is generally a laid back, well mannered girl. She does need some help with house manners, but she is incredibly intelligent, so that won't take long. She's going to be a wonderful dog for the right family!

Adoptable Animals

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Adoptable Animals

Coming Soon!