Adoption Requirements

In order to adopt one of our animals you must have:

  • Adoption Application
  • Vet Reference
  • Landlord Information
  • Home Check
  • Fenced-in yard (dogs)

Animals Come With

When you adopt from STARS, the following is included in the adoption fee:

  • Current on vaccinations
  • Recent veterinary exam
  • Spayed/neutered
  • Microchip
  • Apple Air Tag (dogs)
  • All puppies come with a puppy packet which includes: Puppy pads, blanket, toy, small bag of puppy food, and treats.

Dogs and Puppies Available for Adoption

  Rusty - Male - Chow Chow mix - 5 years old.

Rusty is a rescue from Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. He has had a rough life. Recently, he was attacked by another dog (that's why the top of his head is shaved in this picture) and years ago, he was shot in the leg. Rusty needs a quiet home where he can snuggle up to his human. He will also likely need pain medications for the rest of his life. He is a super sweet dog. Rusty is neutered, up to date on shots, and ready for his new home.

  Cooper - Male - White Shepherd Mix - 3 Years Old.

Cooper has 3 legs, is super sweet and lovable, and is best as an only pet. He loves the water, running, car rides, and cuddles on the couch. Cooper is afraid of tall men and has some separation anxiety when left alone in the house.  

  Sarge - Male - German Shepherd Mix - 2 years old 

Sarge is incredibly sweet and eager to please; learns quickly, loves to play, and loves to snuggle; knows fetch and loves the water and being outside. Sarge does well with kids but still needs to learn his manners about jumping up. He does not get along well with new dogs in his space. He is kennel trained and CANNOT be in a home with cats.

  Daisy & Lilly - Females - Lab mix - Ages 2 & 3 years old.

These 2 girls were saved from freezing to death and staring last year in March. There bond is tight. We'd like to keep them together . They love people and kids. Not good with cats and are ok with some dogs. They love the water.  

  Reese & Kit Kat - Female Sisters - Chocolate lab mix - 3 years old

These 2 sisters have never been 1 day apart. We are looking for a home they can go together. They love being outside dogs. NOT good with Cats.

  Courage & Biscuit - Boxer mix - 1 Year old - brother & sister.

They do not have to be adopted together, though.

They are very shy at first, great with other dogs, good with cats, good with older kids.  

 Charlie Brown - Male - Shepherd/Lab mix - 10 years

Taffy - Female - German Shepherd - 10 years old.

These two need to stay together.

They are super sweet hearts, love people and other dogs. Not good with cats. They love the water and enjoying playing with each other.  

 Kayna - Female - 2yrs

Lucy - Female - St. Bernard - 2yrs

These 2 are extremely bonded. We would like to keep them together. Lucy has anxiety when separated from Kayna.

Cats and Kittens Available for Adoption

June, 2024

All cats over 6 months old and all barn cats can be adopted for a free-will donation. STARS currently has 100 cats available.

Page - Female

Approximate DOB: 5/9/24

Coloring: White and Orange

Page will be ready for her new home when she is 8 weeks old and has been cleared by the vet.

Piper - Female

Approximate DOB: 5/9/24

Coloring: White & Calico

Piper will be ready for her new home when she is 8 weeks old and has been cleared by the vet.

Penny - Female

Age: 3 1/2 months (6/14)

Coloring: White & Mackerel

  Dally - Male

Coloring: Black

Dilly - Male

Coloring: Black

Albert - Male

Coloring: Black & White

O'Malley - Male

Age: 1 year

Coloring: Orange Mackerel

O'Malley is a sensitive, big, indoor cat. He loves to greet you at the door for his pets. O'Malley does require a special food so make sure to get that info from us.

  Arthur - Male

Coloring: Orange Mackerel

Arthur is an older cat that loves to be alone and chase mice. He's not the best mouser though cause he pretty much just plays with them.

Animals Being Rehomed

  This is Vash. He is a 1 year old mix breed dog small to medium in size (20-30lbs). He is a huge ball of energy that loves to play with all dogs and loves the water. It is unknown how he would do with cats as he has never been around them. He does well with kids. He is shy with adults at first but doesn’t take long to warm up. He is house trained, stays in a 4’ fence, is up-to-date on shots, and is scheduled to be neutered in August. He is being rehomed at landlords request due to his excessive barking. He has some separation anxiety and barks when the owner is away or leaves his sight when he is outside on a lead.

Please contact Kasha at (605) 863-1280 if you are interested in meeting Vash.

A couple of the breeds we’re sure he has in him are chihuahua and border collie. Both of his parents are mix breeds.

 [6/21/24] This is Maya, she is 4, will be turning 5 next month.She has no health problems, a little timid at first but after that she is super sweet. Great with kids and other animals. She is house trained and knows how to sit, lay down, and get in her kennel on command.
Never had any problems with her, my two older kids have moved out recently so she doesn't get much attention. She was 110 pounds last time we took her to the vet, probably could use some exercise. The only negative thing I can say about her is if she's not on the food she is currently on she has bad gas, she will clear out a room. And she does bark at people when she's in the backyard and people are walking by on the sidewalk or if my neighbors are in their back yards.
Never really took her on car rides much but the few times we did she didn't seem to enjoy it. She is a pure breed Rottweiler and we do have the original papers she came with. She needs a family with young kids that will spend time with her. Her favorite activity is tug of war, she will pull you right out of your seat and she loves playing hot potato as well as playing with bubbles. Comes with XL kennel with her bed in it that she sleeps in, we don't close the door that's just where she sleeps, the only time she's in there with the door closed is when she comes in with muddy paws. She is a good dog, our family situation is changing and she deserves more attention.  

[6/3/24]His name is Sgt. Tibbs and he is about 4.5 years old, he was neutered at about 3, at which time he got rabies and maybe another one? (Noah's Ark Dec 22-Jan 23ish) he is very afraid of dogs, timid but ok with other cats can be food territorial. Litterbox trained. Very loving but can be independent. He likes cat nip most toys although he may lose interest after a few minutes, doesn't seem to particularly care for wet cat food, he does like the broth style wet cat food. Crunchy treats over soft treats. If you have any questions or anything feel free to call/text (605) 503-1029.