About Us:

  We have started this 501(c)3 non-profit to help the community in so many ways. Our key focus is rescuing homeless, abused, injured, and abandoned animals. We are not a Humane Society, we are a NO KILL rescue who takes in animals who need any amount of help. We are starting to put this new rescue together to help with a mobile unit to be able to spay, neuter, vaccinate and microchip at a low cost price to help keep pets safe and happy. We believe in teaching and training to educate people in order to understand how to help keep their pets out of shelters.

We run 100% on donations and volunteers to complete this mission. 

Our Missions:

Mission One

We work to help keep animals out of shelters. STARS believes in rescuing the abused, homeless & unwanted animals.

Mission Two

Once STARS No Kill Rescue takes in a rescue, they will be seen by our vet and given a health check, including vaccinations. They will be fixed and microchipped  when of age.

Mission Three

Stars No Kill Rescue then works hard to find the correct Fur-Ever Home for all our rescues.

Meet The Team:

  The STARS team is made up of many helping hands, however none of this would be possible without our dedicated board members.  

Michelle Hoppe Brock

Founder and President

Rescue Coordinator

Michelle is the fearless leader of the STARS family. She takes on all challenges head on, and doesn't hesitate to step in when she sees an animal in need. STARS was started to fulfill her dream of helping every animal find a safe, loving fur-ever home. She puts every ounce of her heart and soul into the rescue. You can always catch her posting about her latest rescue effort on Facebook, whether it be saving a dog from the dump, of helping a lost cow get back into the pasture. She has a huge heart that is willing to bring any lost animal into it, and give that animal all the love it deserves.

Lori Jefferey Railsback

Vice President

Thrift Store Manager

Cat Adoption Coordinator

Lori is a pillar in the STARS family. She is Michelle's right hand woman, and is ready to drop everything and help at a moment's notice. Her priority is always to ensure all animals who enter the rescue receive the care and attention they deserve.

  "I do what I do because I adore and love all animals"  

Tiffany Nelson

Foster Coordinator

Puppy Nursery

Dog Trainer

Spay & Neuter Coordinator

  Tiffany Nelson is the nursery for the rescue which means she fosters the puppies and pregnant dogs. Tiffany assists with emergency intakes, adoption events, and home checks. She has always loved animals but thanks her mom for her love of training. Tiffany says “My mom is probably the reason I have such a passion for animals and training, she was always out teaching me how to work with the horses, dogs, and livestock for the 4-H shows. Even when I had the crazy idea to go save a horse headed to kill, my mom was right there with me teaching me how to work with him and regain his trust in people.” Tiffany started her journey with the rescue by fostering a 7 year old, skinny, heart-broken pregnant dog that had been rescued by STARS in the coldest part of December. The minute Michelle handed Tiffany the dog that would soon become her family’s best friend, she knew she was hooked and had to continue saving lives along side STARS to help dogs like Sadie find loving homes.  

Kasha Mead Croyle

Web Design


Kasha has been an avid supporter of STARS for years. She started as a foster and has since become more and more involved in volunteering and helping with a number of events for us. She manages the website, helps with emergency rescues, transports, home checks, and other items as they come up for us. With five dogs of her own at home, she never hesitates to take in another short-term when the need arises. She is pictured here with her 9 year old reservation rescue, Kennedy. She has had rescues and purebreds throughout her life and can say with confidence that "Rescue" is her favorite breed.

Eric Brock


Eric is the financial wizard that keeps this train on track. He ensures that funds are allocated appropriately, and that we are budgeted to stay afloat. He is also the ever supportive husband of Michelle, so he provides help by keeping her motivated and hopeful as well. He is a vital part of this mission.

He's pictured here with Cowboy; his and Michelle's faithful companion.

Larry Railsback

Security & Maintenance

Larry is the husband to Lori. You can find him at most of our adoption and fundraiser events and sometimes helping out at our thrift store. He also helps with repairs at the rescue and is a major support for Lori.

Jen Schillingford


  Jen has a busy schedule working full time as a CT and MRI technologist, but she makes time for the rescue whenever she can.  She knows Michelle and has admired what she does for 11 years. Jen adopted her first special needs dog from Michelle. She never had children because she wanted to be involved with rescuing animals. It’s her true passion! She hates when people say, "You can’t save them all". Her response is, "At least I can try. Doing nothing doesn’t help."  

Shelli Wellman

 Shelli has been STARs for years. She started by adopting the sweet puppy in the photo and quickly moved into being a volunteer. Shelli is in charge of our home checks and references. She is always on call for emergency rescue missions. She is a foster and also helps with the adoption events each weekend. She is a fundraiser queen! Without her footwork STARs would surely be lost! 

"I work in rescue because if I didn't, who would advocate for the animals?"