Rescue and Preventative Care Services

STARS' Focus is to help the homeless, abandoned, and abused animals 

In addition to their work in the Black Hills and surrounding areas, STARS serves the reservation community in Manderson. They travel with their mobile unit to provide much needed vaccinations and food for the animals in need. STARS also works to spay and neuter pets for families on the reservation who may not be able to afford it. This is an effort to avoid unwanted animals from being born, which will begin to alleviate the number of homeless and abandoned animals. Read below to hear about the trek we take to ensure the animals have the best care possible.

Salt Creek Veterinary Clinic

LFC Veterinary Service LLC

Fall River Veterinary Clinic

The Traveling Process

STARS is located in Piedmont, South Dakota, but travels far and wide to ensure any and all animals have the help they need. One of the greatest missons STARS takes on is traveling to Manderson, South Dakota, with their mobile clinic, as well as to take the pets of families in need to be fixed. This is a dauting task, but the crew here views it as a labor of love. They drive from 100 miles from Piedmont to Manderson, then back to Piedmont to spend the night and get comfortable. They are then brought either 141 miles to Salt Creek Veterinary Clinic in Newcastle Wyoming, 86 miles to Fall River Vet in Hot Springs, or 104 miles to LFC Veterinary Services LLC in Custer, South Dakota. These two vets are life savers to the rescue, and we own them so much, literally and figuratively. If you would like to help us pay off our bills, click HERE to donate.

After they are fixed, the animals are brought the 100+ miles back to Piedmont again to recover and heal. After a few days, STARS transports them from Piedmont back to Manderson, then the process starts all over again! These treks take between 505 -585 miles. This is a large amount of work, but the team at STARS feels it is worth it to be able to prevent any future animals from struggling.