Angel's Story: A "Tail" of Strength



Angel is one of STARS' biggest success stories. She embodies the team's goal to rescue the animals who have been left behind, tossed aside, abandoned, or abused. 

Angel appeared on the side of the road one day as Michelle drove by. It was almost like she was guided there, knowing she would find the help she so desperately needed. Angel was cautious at first, likely a result of past trauma, and ran from her rescuer. Michelle is no rookie, though, and not one to give up easily. She opened a can of wet food and settled in for the wait. After a perfect combination of tempting food, loving words, and unbreakable patience, Angel came to Michelle with a wag of her tucked tail. Michelle knew then and there that she was going to save this dog's life.

When Angel started her journey at STARS, she was extremely emaciated and shut down. She was shy and insecure, hiding in her bed, but it was still clear to see that she was appreciative of the food, warm bed, and safe shelter that she was given.

Progress was slow, but no one thought to give up on her for a single second. 

Eventually, Angel started to come out of her shell. One day, all her progress, and all the patience and love she had been given came to fruition, and she fully blossomed into the most beautiful and loving girl imaginable. She wants nothing more than to be with people, snuggled up and soaking in the love. She is notorious for giving "hugs", where she rests her front paws on you and doesn't want to let go. She is so excited to see people each day when it's feeding or cleaning time that her tail wags turn into full body wags. Her joy is uncontainable!

She is also incredibly smart. She learned the routine of the rescue quickly, and is happy to come along for the ride. Her kind soul shines through to anyone who sees her. She is pure happiness and joy. Some say Angel was blessed to be found and rescued, but the STARS team believes they are blessed to have rescued her and watched her grow into the amazing dog she has become.